SA-BDA-B rubber fender

SA-BDA-B rubber fender

Product Details

SA-B (DA-B) type rubber fender


1. High energy and low reaction force;

2. Used in the frame ship;

3. High resettlement intensity and low utilization life;


High energy absorption and low reaction force;

Applicable for frame duck;

High installation stabilitylong service time;


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The super-arch type (DA type) rubber fender is one of the wide range of fenders used today, with many advantages such as high energy, low deployment, and suitable placement standards. Its unit finished component call energy is second only to the super drum type fender outside the compact fender, which is 3.5 times higher than the cylindrical fender and 2.3 times higher than the D fender, saving material.

Super-arch type (DA type) fenders. Because the fendering work (rubber) takes the ship's slab (steel plate) and the friction coefficient is as high as 0.6. When the outer fender is used, the root of the fender is broken and destroyed, and it becomes the product one year and night. In order to increase the friction coefficient, the shear force of the fender during the ship's docking (outside) is eliminated, thereby reducing the service life of the product. As a result, the super-arched fenders with the front-mounted anti-shock steel frame (with PE) emerged. However, when such fenders are all under stress, the anti-shock steel frame has not been able to be rectified after deformation, so that the fenders are scrapped. Therefore, the products of this structure have been rushed out before they have been understood by the users. Except for the type).


1. Imagine the tightening deformation (high in the environment where the reaction is not added), which is 20% higher than the V type and 8% higher than the M type, so that the finished product energy is added.

2. In addition to the tightening fender series, the arch-type fender (TD-B) unit component (rubber consumption) has high energy;

3, good anchoring, used in ships, ship rafts, shipyards, etc., a wide range of use;

4, 瑕玷 is probable in the pressure of the ship's seesaw, for ships with low ship slab strength (such as tankers, etc.) should not be taken;

5. The front part of the TD-BB fender (in the work) is equipped with anti-shock plate and PE uncovering the plate. If the pressure is raised and the friction coefficient of the ship board is eliminated, the berthing shear force will increase. ;

6. When the ship's seesaw is not flat (planked or raised), the TD-BB fender is deformed and destroyed while being parked outside. The TD-BPE fender is conceived to meet such needs. Thus, reaching the elevated friction coefficient, the goal of berthing shear force is eliminated.