GD type modified D type rubber fender

GD type modified D type rubber fender

Product Details

GD type (modified D type) rubber fender


1. High energy absorption and large reaction force;

2, the bottom width is small, especially suitable for framed docks;

3. High installation strength and long service life.


1. The TLT-GD rubber fender is a new type of fender developed on the basis of the D-type rubber fender. The TLT-GD type fender increases the bottom width of the fender and pre-embeds the steel frame and is fixed by double-row bolts. The installation strength and service life are greatly improved compared with the D-type rubber fender.

2. The reaction force and energy absorption are higher than the D-type fender.

3, suitable for framed docks, easy to install and maintain.

The modified D-type rubber fender is an improved version of the D-type rubber fender, also known as the GD-type rubber fender, which is anchored with double-row bolts, which avoids the phenomenon that the original D-type rubber fender is easy to cause the fender to fall off. In addition to being used in small docks, it can be used in conjunction with other fenders and placed on the upper revetment of the wharf.

Second, specifications and performance

Specification design compression (%) reaction force (CN) absorption energy (KJ) tolerance (%)

GD28span> 50 374 14.5 ±10

GD28span> 564 20

GD28span> 750 29

GD28span> 938 36

GD28span> 1128 43

GD300×span> 494 20

GD300×span> 765 30

GD300×span> 989 39

GD300×span> 1236 49

GD300×span> 1484 59

Jiangsu Andun Rubber Co., Ltd. is located in Gaoyou City, Jiangsu Province. It is a leading enterprise in the production of rubber fenders. The company integrates design, research and development, production and sales into one. After years of dedicated management, it has been hailed as “the wind vane of the fender industry and the industry standard formulation participants”. The company won customers with continuous innovation. In 2002, it jointly invested with Shanghai Jiaotong University to establish a well-known laboratory in the rubber industry. In 2003, it cooperated with a certain force to develop a special fender for the submarine dock.