Rubber fender industry should establish brand awareness and develop patent technology
- 2019-04-23-

Enterprises have long been ignoring the demand brand awareness and patenting skills, which can even make the company become the leader in the economic field.

Take our rubber fenders to move the market to the market, the disorderly help of the rubber fenders in the market, the slow update of the industry products, and the long period of technical promotion are the key points that restrict the rubber fender industry. How to pass The process constitutes brand awareness and promotion of craftsmanship in order to confront the pressure of help from consumers at home and abroad.

The solid rubber fender has high energy absorption and reaction force, and has the advantages of low cost, long application life and simple device protection. It is a protective device for ship rafts and docks.

The sunken rubber fender is a new type of fender equipment. Compared with the real rubber fender, it is characterized by: the tightening deformation, the energy absorption, the small reaction force, the self-sinking, and the difficulty of installation. Weekday application is high in ship to ship, ship to wharf barge, berthing, etc.; because of its self-sinking characteristics, it is rare to be the berth in the tidal level. The externally added rubber fenders are particularly suitable for applications with high inferiority due to their protection-free and long-life benefits, such as offshore drilling platforms.

Brand awareness can promote the sale of products, and it is possible to monitor and price the products. It is possible to realize the economic benefits of the field, and it is hoped that the company will continue to grow and continue to open. The patented craftsmanship is a slap in the face of the enterprise. As an emergency component of intellectual property rights, it is playing a promising role in the opening of the enterprise, erecting and perfecting the patent strategy, which is the company’s help in the domestic and overseas markets. Promote the demand for external help.

The products that depend on it there, the economy there is alive. Yangzhou Andun Rubber is doing very well in this respect. The D-type rubber fenders, super-drum rubber arcs and SU-type rubber fenders consumed by the company are all rated as “foreign brands”. In terms of patent technology, the company has been strengthening its efforts in craftsmanship, creating a group of amateur water-high rubber fenders and obtaining a utility model patent certificate. In the rest of the product, we also attach great importance to innovation and craftsmanship.

Therefore, the rubber fender industry should be self-reliant, erect external help, create a brand image, and develop some new crafts, in order to mobilize the company to open up.

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