Discussion on the selection and maintenance of rubber fenders in fast-paced wharf
- 2019-04-23-

First, the selection of the dock rubber fender

The dock rubber fender , as its name suggests, is used to guard the dock. If it is fragile, it has the function of protecting the dock. For this reason, how to make the quality of the dock rubber fenders reach better protection for a long time has always been the result of the personnel's exploration and research, and various types of wharf fenders have been developed. However, in the face of the numerous types of dock fenders, how to choose the appropriate dock fenders from the perspective of protecting the wharf and delaying the life of the wharf according to the production characteristics of each wharf.

At present, there are several types of dock rubber fenders on the market: D300 rubber fenders, M (DA) rubber fenders, copper plastic dissimilar fenders, drum rubber fenders, cylindrical rubber fenders, etc. . The D 300 type rubber fender is used by the users. This kind of fender can be used for the ship to be docked from the slow-paced dock, but there is a coal loading dock with fast pace. The coal company's number one was reversed. In 1987, it was put into production in 1989. When it was only two years old, the D300 type fender used had 180 pieces of damage and shedding. Due to the higher frequency of scams, the South Stack Terminal is even more serious. The high table listed is the scene of the ship's barge into the South Stack Terminal in March 1991;


The figures in the table show that the Nanzhan Wharf relies on the ship to reach 6051 ships a month. Compared with other grocery loading docks, this number is surprisingly amazing. According to the statistics of March 1999 of the Donglu loading and unloading company Yangjiadu No. 2, which also uses the D300 rubber fender, there are a total of 23 ships. In this way, the South Stack Terminal is equivalent to the number of departures from the ship in the 22nd year of Yangjiadu No. 2. In addition, the coal handling company is still waiting to be refreshed, and the slow-paced Zhongzhan terminal is coming. The number of ship barges that are separated by each month is more than 600, which is much faster than the turnover of the grocery terminal. As a result, the conclusion is very fascinating, and the various docks of the media embedded loading and unloading company can use D300 type rubber dirty fender.

At this point, what type of fender is selected for use in the coal fast-paced loading dock? We feel that there are two kinds of targets for screening according to the unsatisfactory situation of unloading and loading; The unloading berths are mostly parked at the Grand Canal of more than 10,000 tons. The turnover speed is much slower than that of the loading berths that are mostly away from the boat. However, the impact of the big wheel berthing force, the area of the force It is also suitable for large sections, double-row bolts, and anti-shock steel frame and nylon boat M (DA) type fender. The high surface is the technical performance of several fenders:

Cylinder d200

M (DA) type H400

Drum type lOOOH

In the table, it is possible to pick up the energy and quality of the cylindrical fender, and there is a dock that can stop at the 10,000-ton freighter and frequently leave the ship. Drum-type fenders have good suction and reaction, but their volume is too large. It is suitable for the high-pile beam-type wharf that the coal company is currently deceiving. The performance of the door machine for coal handling operations is also kissed. The technical performance of the M(DA) type fender is more suitable for the fast-paced unloading berth of more than 10,000 tons. 2. The loading berth is small and the impact force is large, but the boat is close to the busy, the pulling and extrusion of the starting and horizontal inserts are broken, and it is necessary to choose and resist the lateral talent. The energy absorption is good, and the steel body of the hull is berthed with the steel ball with the small force of the fender. The company's 1989-year-old unloading berths at the Nanpu two berths and the Laobaidu loading berths at Pier 1 respectively tested M(DA) rubber fenders and steel glue dissimilar fenders. After nearly two years of deception, the thoughts are good. At the age of 1989, the 20 D300 rubber fenders repaired at the same time at the Zhangjiatun berth at the No. 1 Pier were basically damaged in October. The accuracy of the selectable type is very urgent for the life of the fender.

From the perspective of cost, the M (DA) protection type is priced at 2045 yuan/meter for the 220 meters of the second berth of the South Stack Pier, and the cost of the alien white berth of the old Baidu berth is 2,500 yuan / meter, both of which are more than the cost per meter. The 130-dollar D300 rubber fender is high. However, since the years of deception, the fencing period of the above two piers has been two years (should be able to be used for a longer period of time), such as the D300 type fenders repaired with the Zhangjiatun berth (only scams) 3 months) The contrast is 8 times higher, and the D300 rubber fenders are damaged by the short-term damage caused by frequent training and indirect loss of production stoppage. This economic thinking is even more pleasing.

Second, the training of the dock fender

The repair fender fenders need to be discontinued at different levels. The fast-paced coal handling docks have been approved for long-term shutdowns. To properly resolve this conflict, we can start from three aspects:

1. Grab the ship's idle and tidal fluctuations from the berth, and quilt the needle to repair. This method is used for small-scale work, and the work quality has a large pile of repair tasks. Generally, the construction is carried out by the maintenance team of the loading and unloading company, and it is possible to have restrictions on the opening and closing of the contract, which can affect the production and can be agile and controlled in batches. From the perspective of economic efficiency, it can be compared with the servant fee of 1 to 2 times. For example, the installation of the M (DA) type fender of the second berth of the Nanzhan Wharf, the company's maintenance team and the accessory shop are equipped with each other, first processing and smashing the installed spare parts and brackets on the shore, and then according to the idle time of the front production. Q. The batch installation is completed. The total cost of the installed materials is 20,000 yuan (the attached goods of the M (DA) type fender itself). If the package is installed, the artificial raw material fee is 26,000 yuan.

2. Coping with the work quality angle meter, the construction task is complicated and the cycle is long. For example, the repair and installation of the steel glue dissimilar fender of the Laobaidu berth is generally suitable for the middle package. If this type of design is used for the installation and installation process, the time required to vacate the dock berth is longer. With this method, the company's planning and production mediation part must undergo close research and display. According to the production talents and production tasks of the company's various terminals, the group cooperates and balances, and the actual number of scans is stopped.

3. Strengthen search and maintenance

The basic method of training is to pay attention to the usual search and maintenance. It is quite anxious to deal with the reduction of training. The company's terminals should set up a special person responsibility system to strengthen the search and maintenance of the dock fenders in the mission area, so that some small problems of the fenders can be invented in time, such as loose screws at the tight circumference, broken parts of the brackets, etc., and immediately repaired. Block the unfolding of the fender damage. "There is a flaw in the small hole. The big hole in the big hole is suffering. The damage of the big fender in the past is very related to the timely search and maintenance."

As the expertise of the whip fenders is broken, the fender fender market will be more suitable for the fenders of the fast-paced loading and unloading production terminals. Therefore, the result of the selection will be high. Similarly, as a result of training and maintenance, with the change of the model of the dock guards, the changes in the management system of the enterprise must also be adapted to adopt different training and management methods, and improve the maintenance of the dock fenders. Quality and level.