Rubber fender industry development
- 2019-04-23-

Foreign countries are more than 70 rubber importing countries in Vietnam and importing countries outside the region, and this position will be continuously linked in the past years.

According to reports, foreign countries imported a rubber product of about 950 million yuan from Vietnam, which accounted for 56% of the total rubber imports in Vietnam. Countries such as South Korea, Malaysia, and Taiwan are only 3% to 5%.

In addition, Vietnam’s rubber imports from Western Europe, such as Italy and Germany, have soared, increasing by 38% and 14.7% from 2007. No, the entrance to the good country of Vietnam's high-carbon rubber market has dropped by 20% every year. Vietnamese officials have indicated that the good country's auto industry is in trouble and the elimination of rubber needs. In addition, the lack of quality and distribution systems for Vietnamese rubber products has also led to a high drop in the entrance.

Derivatives in the rubber industry in the world are occupying a tight position in the world, and the rubber fenders are in the top positions in the world. Most of the countries in Australia and Europe are rubber shelters from foreign countries as protective clothing for boats and boats.

In the current world, the rubber fenders and other boat-building industries create industries for the transportation of the sea and the development of marine resources. On the other hand, the shipbuilding industry is also one of the secondary providers of the Chinese navy. It is a place with strategic positions that are relatively high.

At present, the policy of the domestic government is vigorously promoted and accompanied by the improvement of the level of the creation industry in the country. The rubber fenders and other industries in China have developed rapidly and are gaining high market positions outside international cooperation. After the financial crisis, the global boat needs to continue to be in a downturn. The market needs to be transformed. The need to deal with large container ships, LPG boats, and LNG boats needs to be flourishing. The need to deal with bulk carriers and oil boats is weak, while bulk boats and oil boats are weak. Providing greater pressure, oversupply expectations will persist for a long time, and the price of the boat will fall. The newly established and effective treaty of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) has also put forward higher demands for the production of the shipbuilding enterprises, which has certainly increased the cost of the company. Faced with the despicable market situation, the relevant departments have successively introduced the industry revitalization plan and a series of industrial stimulus policies aimed at lacking the development of the boat industry and stimulating the domestic rubber fenders to ensure the rubber fender and other industries. The health is carried out in an orderly manner.

Foreign debt credits believe that national policies and national defense needs constitute a good support for China's rubber fenders and other boat industry. After years of development, China's shipbuilding industry has had strong international cooperation in terms of technical level and scope. Capability, but the rise in capital to take the depreciation of the RMB against the industry's ability to cooperate internationally has a positive negative impact. The cyclical characteristics of Zhoubo's creation industry are remarkable. In the future, the market needs to be in a downturn, the industry is strong and the backing is high, and the industry group has a low degree of prosperity. The degree of cooperation within the domestic enterprise industry is more significant. The top ten shipbuilding enterprises have a large market share. The cooperation level of the high-end shipbuilding market is relatively low, while the cooperation in the low-end shipbuilding market is fierce.