Developing rubber products, the rubber fender industry is uniquely endowed by nature
- 2019-04-23-

In recent years, the rubber industry has made great progress, the new rubber sub-sector industry has made rapid progress, and there are also problems such as damage and innovation of the situational war capital.

In 2004, the world's natural rubber cultivation area totaled 696,200 hectares and the dry rubber production was 573,300 tons. The agricultural cultivation area is 411,000 hectares and the public sector is 285200 hectares, accounting for 59.03% of the total rubber area and 40.97%. In 2005, Hainan Province suffered from a rare typhoon disaster that was rare in the 50-year drought war, and natural rubber was affected. The foreign rubber industry has made unremitting efforts to implement the policy of quiet, energy-saving and environmental protection in the country, and has achieved remarkable results. In 2006, the Sixth Council of the Foreign Rubber Industry Association passed the process and issued the “Foreign Rubber Industry” Eleventh Five-Year Plan for the Superstitious Outlook on the Progress of the Rubber Fender Industry, and the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” to Implement the Brand Strategic Plan .

By 2010, the total consumption of foreign natural rubber will reach 2.3 million tons, the rubber industry will have a greater transformation of the product mix, the growth of new products, replacement products, new materials, the expansion of the use of new crafts, the production The art of warfare is clearly moving forward.

Rubber products are widely used in aviation, aerospace, metallurgy, coal, port, automobile, kerosene, cement, textile, engineering machinery, mining, construction, land, agriculture, light industry, etc., especially the ship's public rubber fender industry, China It is blessed with a high position in the international arena.

Characteristics of the rubber industry When a country is mature in the rubber industry, the economic status of the industry will maintain a strong correlation with the state of the economy: the length of its progress cycle is proportional to the length of the country's economic cycle; but because the rubber industry belongs to In the bottom industry, its cyclical shift is slightly ahead of the economic cycle. In addition, because the rubber industry is at the forefront of the national economy, its volatility is less than the volatility of the end of the chain, and less than the volatility of the entire economy. Therefore, from the perspective of domestic investment, the mature rubber industry is closer to the income-based investment industry.