U-shaped rubber fender

U-shaped rubber fender

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U-shaped rubber fender

U-shaped rubber fender U300H*L1500 u300H*L900

1. Low reaction force and high energy absorption. 2. Reasonable structure and long service life. 3. The installation is firm and features: 1. The design has large compression deformation (in the case where the reaction force does not increase), which is 20% higher than the V type and 8% higher than the M type, so that the absorption energy of the product is greatly increased; In the fender series, the arched fender (TD-B) has a high energy absorption per unit weight (rubber consumption); 3. Good anchoring property, suitable for ships, docks, docks, etc., has a wide range of applications; 4. The disadvantage is that it acts on Ships with high surface pressure are not suitable for ships with low shipboard strength (such as oil tankers); 5. TD-BB type fender front (working surface) is equipped with anti-shock plates and PE veneers to reduce the surface. Pressure and reduce the friction coefficient with the ship's board, so that the berthing shear force is greatly reduced; 6. When the ship's seesaw is not flat (boat or with protrusions), TD-BB fenders are often caused in berthing. Deformed and damaged, TD-BPE fender is designed to meet this need, so as to reduce the friction coefficient and reduce the berthing shear force.

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1. Rubber anti-collision block (fender) is mainly used in factory workshops, loading and unloading cargo platforms, docks, and sides of family garage doors.

2, made of industrial rubber and high-quality plastic pulverized particles, wear-resistant, pressure-resistant, shock-absorbing, moderately soft and environmentally friendly, effectively reduce damage or excessive vibration when vehicles and goods touch