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Introduction To The Composition And Working Principle Of Tugboat Fenders
- 2022-06-21-

Now the side of the hull is generally equipped with tugboat fenders, the purpose is to absorb the impact of the collision and protect the safety of the ship, the staff and the dock. However, traditional fenders are generally made of single-layer rubber products, and the elastic elasticity of single-layer rubber products is limited. Therefore, it is difficult to completely eliminate the impact force during the process of the hull docking, which may easily cause the hull to shake and the side of the ship to be damaged.

In order to overcome the above shortcomings, there is a tugboat fender with a large amount of elastic expansion. It includes multiple layers of rubber products, a plurality of springs and chains, the chains are evenly arranged along each layer of rubber products, one end of the chain is connected with the edge of the rubber products, each layer of rubber products is arranged parallel to each other, and the pads can be arranged at both ends of the springs , and the spring is connected to the rubber product through the gasket. The number of chains is usually four, and the length of the spring is twenty to thirty centimeters, which is suitable for general small and medium-sized ships.

Fender fenders are made of rubber products connected by springs, with high elasticity. Among them, the fender can be fastened to the hull with iron chains, so that it can be moved in a narrow range. When the hull is docked, the fenders touch the dock, and the springs between the rubber products can absorb the impact of the hull, so that the hull can dock smoothly and safely, and can protect the surface structure of the hull and the dock.

The above is the introduction of the composition and working principle of the tug fender fender. It overcomes the shortcomings of the traditional fender with small elastic elasticity through the composition of multi-layer rubber products and multiple spring chains. By absorbing the impact of the hull, the safety of the ship and the dock is guaranteed, and the real fender function is achieved. Our technology is constantly improving in order to achieve our goals, thanks for reading.