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The Importance Of Correct Vulcanization Of Dock Rubber Fenders
- 2022-06-21-

The raw material of the terminal rubber fender is a long-chain polymer. Each link of the molecular chain is active, and it is easy to rotate and curl with each other.

Vulcanization is a process in which the raw material molecules of the terminal rubber fender change from a linear structure to a network structure under certain conditions. The specific process is as follows:

1. Vulcanization induction stage (coking stage). At this stage, the cross-linking has not yet started, and the rubber has good fluidity to the cavity. The length of this stage determines the cokeness of the rubber and the safety of operation. From the end of this stage the rubber hardens and begins to lose fluidity. If it is stamping vulcanization, the rubber will not flow in the mold. Depending on the additives used, the time of this stage can be different and can be long or short.

2. Hot vulcanization stage. After the induction stage, the cross-linking starts at a certain speed, the initial cross-linking process is low, and various properties are also low, but at the later stage of this stage, the tensile strength and elasticity of the vulcanized rubber have not yet reached the ideal level. However, at this time, the crack resistance and dynamic crack performance exceeded the corresponding values in the positive vulcanization stage.

3. Positive vulcanization stage. At this stage, the physical and mechanical properties of the vulcanized rubber respectively reach the optimum point or achieve the optimum comprehensive balance between them. The temperature and time at this stage are a general term for the positive vulcanization conditions.

During the process of molding, long-term storage and use, the rubber fender will gradually soften due to the action of oxygen, metal ions and other chemical substances, physical action such as mechanical stress, light, high-energy radiation, and biological action such as mold and insects. , hard, brittle, cracked, this phenomenon is called aging, which reflects the importance of correct vulcanization, thanks for reading.