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Five Reasons And Solutions For The Failure Of Polyurethane Fender Waterproofing
- 2022-06-21-

Polyurethane materials are widely used because of their excellent waterproof performance, and polyurethane fenders are a typical example. Here are the top five reasons and solutions for polyurethane waterproofing failures:

1. Material aging: Due to price competition, many manufacturers cut corners, which will reduce the performance of the polyurethane material itself, resulting in waterproof failure. Solution: To purchase polyurethane materials, you must choose a regular manufacturer, and confirm the certificate and production date.

2. The substrate has moisture: the polyurethane fender is made of polyurethane, which is water-based and oil-based. Make sure the substrate is dry before application. Because if it is an oily material, moisture will be wrapped in it, and after sunlight is converted into steam, the waterproof layer may be peeled off. Solution: First confirm whether it is oil-based polyurethane or water-based polyurethane. If it is oil-based polyurethane, it must be ensured that the base surface is dry before construction.

3. The bottom layer is not clean: Before waterproof construction, the bottom layer should be cleaned. If there is dust and other substances, the bonding between the waterproof layer and the bottom layer will not be strong, so there is a danger of leakage. Solution: During construction, ensure that the bottom layer is clean and flat, free of floating ash and oil.

4. The waterproof layer is too thin: the waterproof layer must reach a certain thickness to be effective. Since the polyurethane material itself has low water absorption properties, if the thickness of the waterproof layer is insufficient, water will pass through the polyurethane waterproof layer to the bottom. After sunlight, water vapor will be generated at the bottom, and then the waterproof layer will be peeled off. Solution: Ensure the coating thickness and times, and paste fiber mesh cloth on all corners for reinforcement.

5. Insufficient construction experience: The waterproofing project should be carried out by a professional construction team, and the cause of possible leakage should be carefully predicted before construction. Solution: A professional construction team must be entrusted, and the quality of the construction directly affects the final effect.

The above are the five reasons and solutions for the failure of polyurethane fender waterproofing, thank you for reading.