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Advantages Of Twin-piston Tug Fenders
- 2022-06-21-

Tugboats are an important mode of transportation, but due to frequent collisions with piers when tugboats are docked, the hull is damaged. Therefore, the application of collision avoidance devices has broad prospects, and tugboat fenders are one of the representatives.

At present, many collision avoidance devices do not have a good buffering effect. Such devices are composed of airbags, which themselves have certain fluidity and therefore certain instability. At the same time, when the tugboat is parked, it cannot be safely parked on the shore because it has no buffer device. The appearance of tugboat fenders solved this problem.

The tugboat fender is provided with double-piston cylinders, which are alternately installed inside the wall body; the interior of the wall body is provided with an airbag module and a piston rod chamber. The double-piston cylinder is equipped with: a fender is fixed at one end away from the wall, an electromagnet is fixed on the middle surface of the fender, a laser displacement sensor is arranged on the middle surface of the electromagnet, and a spring buffer is fixed at the upper and lower ends of the fender. The airbag module is also provided with an electromagnet inside the wall body, one end of the electromagnet is installed on the piston rod which is foldably connected inside, and a mounting plate is fixedly connected.

The bolts on the fender of the tugboat are connected to the outer surface of the mounting plate, and the spring buffers are welded to the inner surface of the mounting plate. The airbag module is provided with two sets of cover plates inside the wall body, the electromagnets and the magnets are fixedly connected between the two sets of cover plates, the two sets of cover plates are fixedly connected to the two sets of blocks when approaching the airbag, and the two sets of blocks are fixed between the two sets of covers. A through groove is provided between. One end face close to the electromagnet is provided with a positioning block, and the other end is fixedly connected to the movable rod, which penetrates and connects two stoppers. This tugboat fender has a single-piston cylinder, a laser displacement sensor, an electromagnet, an electromagnetic switching valve, etc., which can fully guarantee the safety of the hull. Thank you for reading.