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Wharf Top ten commonly used rubber fender
- 2019-04-23-

First, cone-shaped ramp ZC

TD-AA Conical Rubber Fender is the third generation of drum rubber fender, the use of conical rubber body pre-war steel frame of the new layout of the idea, so that the fender is not increasing the resistance of the situation is high, It is envisaged that the tightening deformation will be increased from 52.5% to 70%, and that its rise and feel will make the port layout envision lightweight and increase the cost of the port project, which is the ambition substitute for the Super drum rubber fender.

Conical typeRubber FenderIt has not been ten years since its inception, and it is envisaged to adopt a conical typeRubber FenderHas not become the new trend envisaged by the present port, representing the new level envisaged by the Port Fender.

1, take the communication specifications of the super rubber fender comparison, the exhalation quality improved a lot more.

2, is the finished product reverse force, exhalation Xiangyuan High condition, the selection of small specifications TD-AA cone rubber fender to replace the specifications of the TD-A Super Drum rubber fender, will be used TD-AA800H cone fender instead of TD-A1000H Fender, increase port project cost.

Two, super drum type SC


1. Improved exhalation/Reverse force value

SC Super Drum rubber fender compared to the usual drum type rubber fender, E/R.H value increased by about 15%, usually drum type rubber fender E/R.H value is usually 0.375~0.385, and SC Super Drum rubber Fender E/R.H value is usually 0.43~0.44.

2. The layout is becoming more legitimate

SC Super Drum Rubber fender, take the usual rubber fender comparison, layout more legitimate, Fender tube to the adjacent part of the orchid, adopted a slippery excessive, the elimination of the fender root is tightening deformation when the stress rendezvous scene, the Fender force is more legitimate, and improve the tightening of the fender, from the usual type of 47.5% to 52.5%.

The 3.SC Super Drum rubber fender takes the usual rubber fender with a communication placement bolt hole distance battle bolt hole.

4. Features that have a small impact on skew berthing.


Third, type DRubber Fender

1. Anti-force, call-energy quality

2. The bottom width is moderate, Special Envoy practical in the box type port

3. Heavy weight, placement protection bento.


Four, GD type rubber

Features: 1, high exhalation quality, anti-force;

2, the bottom width size is small, specially practical in the frame type port;

3, the placement of a high degree of weakness, less application life.

V. Cylinder type (Y) Fender


1. Low anti-force, small surface pressure, proper exhalation quality

2. Weak compliance with the vertical shock of ship berthing

3. Wide range of practical, also as a ship anti-collision installation

4. Placement Protection Bento


Six, V-type rubber fender

Features 1. Moderate resistance, high exhalation quality

2. Place strong, disassemble and Bento

3. Used in medium-sized port


Seven, pi type rubber fender

1, the top area of the fender, contact surface pressure is small;

2, chanting energy, low inverse force, is actually used for port above the million ton level;

3, the span between the two support arms is not regulating, tightening deformation does not reach 52.5%;

4, the surface of the anti-punching plate is ultra-polymer polyethylene plate or nylon, its friction coefficient is small;

5, no vertical or degree of placement, there is no need to install support anchor chain.


Viii. migration and transformation of the Fender

Migration of converted rubber Fender Application roller migration transition War tightening deformation (rubber) call ship impact energy quality, when the ship berthing or transfer, the migration of the fender can adapt to the hull shift and foster a migration transformation, so as to ensure the safety of the port war ship. The migration and transformation Fender is practical in the use of shipyards, shipyards, rolling ship port, port horns and requests to limit the activities of ships in favour of the rate of war berthing.


A, Fender (roller) is migrating on the three axes, no limit and reduce the operating rate of ships, conducive to the safe berthing of ships;

B, the tightening deformation is 40%, more than the traditional migration of the fender exhalation to improve more than one times;

C, because the migration of the fender can adapt to the removal of the hull and migration transformation, so the hull to the fender did not breed the occurrence of sliding friction, is not easy to destroy the hull paint


IX. Rubber Ramp

1. The effect of both rubber fender combat ramp, more durable than steel ramp

2. There is no need for concave reservoirs to be placed like rubber fenders

3. No fear of collisions, no rust, ladder column has no bending

4. Simple placement, repair bento

Ten, the corner fender

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