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Andun Rubber Company talks about the advantages of marine rubber fenders
- 2019-04-23-

The rubber fender of the boat itself has a lot of advantages, and there is no such thing as the upper hand. For the rubber fender of the boat itself, the cost itself is very big, and the above will explain to the family. The boat has been on the wind for several years.

The rubber fender of the boat itself has a lot of advantages. There is no such thing as the upper hand. For the boat fender, there is often a lot of advantages compared with the other. The deposit is in the boat industry, and the price itself is very important. The first boat with the fender itself has a lot of drifting functions. The location of the resettlement is not affected by the tidal range. For that, many boat fenders can do it. There is no need to conduct a search and inflation for the use of the boat fender. It is maintenance-free.

Quiet and reliable, there is no damage that will be blasting. Have a very good energy call function. The specifications of the finished product itself are created by the request of the certificate itself, which is also a kind of construction specification outside the rubber fender. The color of the boat's fender surface can be applied. 7. The chain that it accepts is also very simple.

As far as the use of rubber fenders for boats is concerned, the above-mentioned points are common prevails. I think that the introduction of this article by the family, and the content of that aspect has its own familiarity. It can also be used more arbitrarily.

The rubber fender of the boat is used as the medium for the tightening of the atmosphere. It can float on the surface of the sea and absorb the impact energy of the boat, so that the two boats or the boat approach the bumpy and quiet mooring between the moorings such as the bow. In order to reach the anti-collision and anti-collision evasion effect, it is generally used for transfer and berthing between the boat and the boat.

The boat's inflatable fender has the following features:

1, call energy, the reaction force is small, so that the management does not hurt the boat body and does not damage the shore wall.

2, the placement is simple, portable care, is in any boat, no waters in any waters, the impact of the boat.

3, resilience 孬, after the product is forced, there will be no deformation of the product due to the force of the force. After the fender is squeezed, the force will release more than 95% of the original shape after the moment.

4, economic performance, the fender is comparable to the year-on-year, the inflatable rubber fender for the boat is more expensive from the economic function. The quality is reliable. The boat is selected from the raw materials, the product is ordered, the product is produced, and the product is inspected. All experience layer inspection to ensure its quality.

5, angle remedy, when the boat is moored, there must be an unfettered arrogance inflatable fender can be distributed to enhance its function, to achieve skewed snoring.