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Selection of marine rubber fender Materials
- 2019-04-23-

Marine Rubber FenderWidely used in ships, offshore facilities, offshore platforms, port terminals, yachts and other berthing, play a buffer, absorb the impact capacity of the ship Plasticizer is a kind of sulfur phenolic rubber fender plastic agent, suitable for natural rubber, synthetic rubber plastic refining. The use of this plasticizer can improve the plasticity and plasticizing efficiency of rubber molding, can shorten the plastic refining time of about one-third, save energy and improve labor production efficiency. In the manufacturing process, it is very common to bond and fit each other between parts and components. The bonding between the vulcanized adhesive generally adopts the hot bonding method, because the adhesive generally has good bonding performance when the hot bonding, and the calendering pressure out process of the semi-product can be combined with the adhesive parts by hot bonding.Marine Rubber FenderIn the room temperature conditions bonding, it is necessary to use solvent brush adhesive bonding surface, in order to remove surface impurities, to ensure the bonding effect. For adhesives with too poor bonding performance, adhesives must also be painted before bonding can be made.

       Marine Rubber FenderMainly the use of air compression as a medium, can float on the sea surface, absorb the impact energy of the ship, so that two ships or ships close to the wharf and other docked buildings between the smooth, safe docking, in order to achieve anti-collision prevention and avoidance effect, so widely used in the ship and ship transfer docking operations.

Marine Fender has the following characteristics:

1, the suction energy is large, the reaction force is small, thus guarantees neither harms the hull and does not damage the shore wall.

2, easy to install, portable to carry, in any ship, any water is not affected by tides and ship size.

3, good back elasticity, the product after the force will not be due to force and the deformation of the product, the fender is squeezed, after the force instantly release more than 95% to restore to the original shape.

4, the economic performance is good, the fender is lower than the year-on-board, the price of marine inflatable rubber Fender is relatively low from the economic performance is good. Reliable quality. Marine inflatable Fender selection from raw material procurement, product orders, product production, product inspection factory have undergone layers of inspection to ensure its quality.

5, the angle to make up, when the ship docked, must have a certain degree of disdainful inflatable Fender Energy components to play its performance, to achieve tilt contact.