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How to avoid wear and tear on the rubber fender of the dock?
- 2019-04-23-

In order to greatly improve the service life of the whip fender, we need to make some efforts for daily maintenance and repair work. The following Yangzhou Andun rubber fender manufacturers will come to analyze the relevant matters and points.

First of all, we must understand that in the choice of materials, we should choose the type of dock fender with advanced performance, reasonable structure and convenient use. In addition, we should reasonably arrange the fender according to the structure of the wharf, the design of the ship type and the natural conditions. Location and spacing, to avoid the need for equipment such as fenders to block fixed fenders such as ships, and to be easily repaired and replaced to prevent damage to the fenders due to poor fixing. In the construction, the work should be carried out in strict accordance with the design requirements and relevant professional norms. Whether it is the manufacture or installation of the fender, it should meet the design requirements and ensure the construction quality.

In the maintenance and maintenance of the terminal whip, it is necessary to focus on the management of the use of berths, and to berth as far as possible according to the design ship type and tonnage. For the case of ship docks with large tonnage and size and design ship type, it should be strictly controlled. Its berthing speed and berthing angle to avoid damage to the fender.

Many friends know that the dock rubber fender is a kind of ship supplies that can cushion and protect the ship. In recent years, with the continuous development of the shipbuilding industry, such fenders have been widely used in ocean transportation vessels, offshore facilities, offshore platforms, port terminals, yachts and other fields.

So, how does the dock rubber fender cushion and protect the ship? Yangzhou Andun Rubber Fender Manufacturer Answer: Because it is a rubber closed container made of rubber curtain fabric as the skeleton material, the fender can be floated on the water surface after being filled with compressed air, and can be used as ship and ship mooring and ship and ship. An important buffer medium for head berthing. At the same time, the inflatable dock fender can absorb the impact energy of the ship movement, thereby reducing the recoil force of the ship and greatly improving the safety of the ship docking.