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How to maintain rubber fenders better?
- 2019-06-10-

If the rubber fender is damaged, longitudinal cracks, transverse cracks, and nail holes generally appear. When repairing, first of all, the area that needs to be repaired must be marked. This area needs to be polished, and the repaired area must be along the damage. For the maintenance of rubber fenders, what else should we do.

After the rubber fender is used up, if you want to store it, you need to wash and dry the seawater on the airbag surface. In addition, because the rubber fender is made of rubber products, in order to prevent the rubber walls from sticking together, It is also necessary to coat the inside and outside of the airbag with talc.

The rubber fenders need to be placed in a dry, ventilated, and cool room. It is important to remind everyone that the rubber fenders must be squared. Do not stack them together, and do not place heavy objects on the rubber fenders. In addition, when storing the rubber fender, remember to keep it away from heat sources, acids, alkalis, grease, and some solvents. Contact with these will accelerate the aging of the rubber fender and shorten its service life.

The method of maintaining the rubber fender, the specific method is introduced here, we must understand the special material of the rubber fender, do a good job of maintenance of such materials, taking into account the material of the rubber fender, storage environment, Only then can the maintenance of the rubber fender be done well.

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