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What causes rubber fenders to age
- 2019-06-10-

Rubber fenders are mainly rubber materials, so the aging of products is the root cause of problems with rubber fenders. The main causes of rubber fender aging are as follows:

First, in the process of protecting the boat, under the action of the reaction force, the rubber molecular chain will be broken and free, and an oxidation reaction will occur.

The second is that heat is an important reason for accelerating rubber aging. An increase in temperature will cause thermal cracking or thermal crosslinking of the rubber, thereby increasing the rate of oxidative diffusion and making the rubber thermally aged.

The third is the role of ozone. The chemical activity of ozone is much higher than that of oxygen, and it is more destructive.

The fourth is oil. If the rubber fender is in contact with grease for a long period of time during use, it will infiltrate the oil substance into the rubber and cause a chemical reaction with it, which will change the network structure of the vulcanizate, resulting in oxidation of the rubber.

After understanding the oxidation factors of rubber, you can perform certain maintenance on the rubber fender from the above aspects.

How does the quality of the rubber fenders affect the ship?

The quality of the rubber fender products has an important influence on the normal berthing of the dock and the ship, and it affects not only the ship but also the ship's scheduling problem.

In order to reduce the impact force when the ship is docked at the dock, and avoid direct collision with the dock, which may cause damage to the ship and the dock, the front of the dock needs to be equipped with anti-shock equipment. Our ports have been using rubber fenders for decades.

So far, there are several types of rubber fenders, such as compact type, inflatable type, and shear type. The first two are more common and widely used by us. Most of the rubber fenders used in major ports in China are domestic compact rubber fenders.

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