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Rubber fender—UHMWPE sheet
- 2020-03-03-

Rubber fender ——UHMWPE sheet performance characteristics:

Service life is higher than steel, wear resistance is 3 ~ 7 times of carbon steel and stainless steel; small friction coefficient, self-smooth, non-absorbent, non-adhesive material, high impact strength, good comprehensive mechanical properties, acid and alkali resistance , Salt corrosion, no aging, low temperature resistance, hygienic non-toxic, light weight, the proportion is 1/8 of steel. Therefore, it is used as the material of bulk material storage and transportation equipment lining materials, such as storage silos, flow tanks, etc. It is widely used in electric power, steel plants, coal mines and other industries.

Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) sheet has high abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, and self-smoothness. It can manufacture hoppers, silos, and chute for coal, cement, lime, mineral powder, salt, and grain powder materials Lining. Because it has very good abrasion resistance, self-smoothness and non-stickiness, the powdery materials will not stick to the storage and transportation equipment and ensure stable transportation.

This kind of high wear-resistant plate is suitable for the application of the device under various environmental conditions. It can be designed as an assembly connection structure and can be customized according to user requirements, which is convenient for device maintenance. For example, the application of hoppers, chutes in underground coal mines with very difficult operating conditions, and supply hoppers in the metallurgical industry can completely deal with the big problem of sticking and blocking materials during the delivery process, and complete safe and efficient normal consumption.

Application: It can be widely used in the funnels, troughs, flaps, scraper conveyors of liquid, solid, solid-liquid mixtures in mining, coal preparation plants, metallurgical industries, thermal power plants, shipbuilding and other sectors Wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant applications such as jig sieve plates, flotation machine linings, ship cargo tank linings, large sliders, mining trucks, dump truck cabin linings, etc., have the common advantage of value for money.

Molecular weight around 3.5 million

Chemical Engineering: Corrosion and wear resistant mechanical parts

Thermal power generation: coal transportation, coal storage, lining of storage chute

Coal disposal: sieve plate, filter plate, underground U-shaped coal chute

Concrete: cement raw silo and waste silo lining

Grain: Grain silo lining

Mining: sieve plate, chute lining, wear-resistant and anti-adhesive part

Food industry: star wheel, timing screw, bearing, guide roller, guide rail, slider seat etc.

Military industry: shielding for military protection, equipment parts for impact

Nuclear power plants: shielding from radiation sources

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