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Dock fender effect and type
- 2020-03-06-

1. Rubber fender description

Fenders, also known as handguards, are a kind of kinetic energy buffering equipment used in port logistics or ships. Damaged.

There are many specifications for dock fenders. However, the investment in large and medium-sized vulcanized rubber machinery and equipment required for huge specifications of goods is too high, especially for large quantities of products, and it is not cost-effective to invest in purchasing large and medium-sized vulcanized rubber machinery and equipment.

Vulcanized rubber fenders have the characteristics of good ductility, suction lift, convenient maintenance, long service life, and are conducive to mass production. They are widely used in Japan, the United States, and Southeast Asia. Vulcanized rubber fenders can not only maintain ships and ports, but also reduce the level of load that is effective for the port, improve the port's mooring capacity, make the port under construction lighter, and reduce construction costs.

The solid wharf fender has higher energy absorption and axial force. In addition, it has the advantages of low cost, long service life, easy installation and maintenance, etc. It is a safety device installed in ports and shipyards.

Floating vulcanized rubber fender is a newer type of fender weapon equipment. Its key features compared to solid dock fenders are: reduced deformation, large energy absorption, small axial force, self-floating, and easy installation. It is generally used in ship to ship, ship to wharf, cargo docking, docking and other places; because of its self-floating characteristics, it is also very suitable for installation in ports with high tide levels. Filled marine fenders are particularly suitable for applications in extreme natural environments, such as offshore drilling platforms, due to their maintenance-free and long life.

Types of rubber fenders

1) DA rubber fender:

Features have the characteristics of high suction energy and low axial force; crafts have higher ground stress dispersion and long service life; front-end development and setting of anti-collision plate can reduce surface pressure; specifications and models are available; installation methods are numerous; easy replacement.

2) Barrel vulcanized rubber fender:

Low axial force, low surface pressure, and effective suction; When docking, it has strong ability to adapt to the roll and pitch of the ship and will not be harmed by the size of the ship. It is widely used for installation and maintenance, and is very suitable for old ports.

3) Semi-circular (D) vulcanized rubber fender

Characteristic Axial force is moderate, and the suction energy is higher than that of the barrel type. The installation is more convenient in work. Because the total width of the bottom end is small, it is very suitable for frame structure port and shipside installation applications.

4) DO type vulcanized rubber fender:

Characteristics Axial force suction ratio is higher than that of D-type fender; Installation compressive strength and service life are greatly improved compared to D-type fender; Applicable to frame structure type docks.

Arched (V-shaped) vulcanized rubber fender: moderate axial force and high suction energy; sturdy and convenient installation;

Suitable for various terminals.

5) Drum vulcanized rubber fender:

Low characteristic axial force and large suction energy; Surface pressure below 25 tons / m2; Reduced skew and reduced physical performance; Drum vulcanized rubber fender: Low characteristic axial force and large suction energy; Easy installation; Generally suitable for large, medium and small pier

Specifications for marine fenders:

The standard selected for solid dock fenders is "HG / T 2866-2016 Wharf Fender" and "GB / T 21537-2008 Cone Vulcanized Rubber Fender".

The standard selected for the inflatable vulcanized rubber fenders in China is "CB-T 3948 Marine Inflated Vulcanized Rubber Cushion Ball" Vulcanized rubber fenders and its international ISO standard ISO17357: 2002 "High pressure Floating pneumatic rubber fenders". The filled floating vulcanized rubber fender is an innovative product without standards and national standards.