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Marine fender terminal rubber fender quality inspection standard
- 2020-03-06-


Rubber fender quality inspection project standards:

1. The type and specifications of the rubber fender should meet the design requirements and meet the relevant regulations of the current industry standard (rubber fender) (HG / T2886).

2.The specifications, quality, and anti-corrosion treatment of the fixed structure of the fender and the used bolts, nuts, chains, clamps and other accessories shall meet the design requirements

3. The contact between the fixed rubber fender site and the dock should be close. The nut should be fully tightened, the bolt should be exposed 2-3 buckles, the top of the bolt should be retracted into the fender, and the depth should meet the design requirements.

4. The connecting clamps of the suspended rubber fenders should be locked tightly.

5. The deviation value of the allowable deviation item, the elevation on the land is 20mm, the elevation on the water is 50mm, the distance on the land is 50mm, the distance on the water is 100mm, and the D-type rubber fender joint height deviation is 10mm.

Summary In the above process of quality inspection of rubber fenders, it is necessary to strictly implement relevant standards and deliver the products with quality and quantity.