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Tugboat rubber fender brand marine fender manufacturer
- 2020-03-20-

The use of rubber fenders in navigation is very common, and they also have a strong application effect. They are divided into many varieties, such as cylindrical rubber fenders, semi-circular (D-type) rubber fenders, and tug fenders. What are the functions and uses of rubber, marine inflatable ball, etc.? What is the scope of application? Which manufacturer of marine fender rubber is good? Let us take a look. Each rubber fender has its own different characteristics and advantages, as well as its scope of application. Let me introduce it to everyone.

1). Cylindrical marine rubber fender: low characteristic reaction force, small surface pressure, reasonable energy absorption; when berthing, strong compliance with ship roll and pitch is not affected by the size of the ship. , Especially suitable for old-style docks.

2). Semi-circular (D-type) rubber fender: moderate characteristic reaction force, higher energy absorption than cylindrical type; the device is more convenient to work; due to the small size of the bottom width, it is especially suitable for the use of frame type docks and shipside devices.

3) .Tugboat rubber fender: It is mainly used in port as tugboat side, engaged in push and tow, etc. It has good overall performance, high quality and easy installation