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Material selection of 150kn bollards for port and dock
- 2020-03-20-

Functional characteristics of bollards

The mooring bollard is a conspicuous small subordinate component on the surface of the wharf (high-pile wharf is located above each platform). When the ship is docked on the wharf structure, the mooring bollard is used to transmit mooring force. The cost of the bollards is small in the entire terminal project and difficult to design. However, there is no shortage of auxiliary components on the dock. Its function and sensory effect play a key role throughout the dock.

Selection of bollard data

The current bollard shell design for the current bollard general map design is gray cast iron or cast steel. Gray cast iron has a low unit price, good casting properties, good wear resistance, and good corrosion resistance, but low strength and poor ductility. Cast steel has high strength and good ductility, but its castability and abrasion resistance are not as good as cast iron, and it is necessary to stop the antirust treatment regularly. Ductile iron separates the advantages of gray cast iron and cast steel, and eliminates the fatal flaws of both: its strength is higher than cast steel, its ductility is between gray cast iron and cast steel, and it has good abrasion resistance and good resistance. Abrasive. Corrosion resistance. There is no need to stop the anticorrosive maintenance regularly.