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Selection of marine fender rubber materials and delayed service life
- 2020-03-20-

In order to shorten life, marine fender rubber should pay attention to the following points:

1. Pay attention to check whether the fender is damaged and whether the pressure is normal.

2. Whether there is sharp equipment in the fender contact, it is necessary to avoid destroying the rubber fender.

3. The center of the storage rubber fender should be far away from the heat source and cannot be placed in the center with higher temperature.

4, although there is a certain resistance to acid and alkali, but should still keep the rubber fenders away from acidic and alkaline substances, and adhere to its cleanliness.

The above are some aspects that should be paid attention to during the use of marine fenders. The care and inspection of marine rubber fenders will help to improve the service life of marine fenders.

What information is the rubber marine fender durable?

Speaking of durability, rubber fenders made of ethylene-propylene rubber or chlorosulfonated polyethylene (Hyperlon rubber) are more durable! Chlorosulfonated polyethylene rubber (Hyperon rubber) is a traditional rubber. In addition, it has a combination of chloroprene, ethylene-propylene and butyronitrile with good oil resistance, aging, strength and acid and alkali properties.

Which consumer factory of the brand marine fender is better?

In Barrett's eyes, service quality is optimized, and production and quality are the foundation.

Barrett pursues the customer's process experience and modern information technology management wrist, ensuring a comprehensive, fast, proactive, timely pre-sales, sale and after-sales all-round VIP customer experience.

Barrett focuses on improving the competitiveness of the center, trying to build a modern consumer service platform, and becoming the industry's marine fender provider.

Dear users, thank you for choosing Barrett products. Barrett's management system has passed ISO9001: 2015 certification. Barrett guarantees high standards and outstanding performance for all products. According to the relevant national regulations, under the conditions of transportation, storage and operation that conform to the rules, Goodyear products will be returned or returned within one year. Our company will provide you with "Three Guarantees" service.

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