Drum type rubber fender

Drum type rubber fender

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Drum type rubber fender

1. Increase in energy absorption / reaction force

The SC super drum rubber fender has an E/RH value of approximately 15% compared to a conventional drum rubber fender. The E/RH value of the conventional drum rubber fender is generally 0.375 to 0.385, while the SC super drum rubber guard The E/RH value of the shipboard is generally 0.43~0.44.

2. The structure is more reasonable

SC Super drum rubber fender is a marine rubber fender. Compared with ordinary rubber fenders, the structure is more reasonable. The fender body and flange joints are smooth and excessive, which reduces the compression of the fender root. The stress concentration during deformation, the fender force is more reasonable, and the compression of the fender is increased from 47.5% of the common type to 52.5%.

3.SC Super drum rubber fenders have the same mounting bolt pitch and bolt holes as ordinary rubber fenders.

4. It has the characteristics of small inclination and berthing effect.

• Super drum rubber fenders are drum-shaped after compression deformation, also known as drum fenders. Super drum fenders are the second generation of drum fenders. They are widely used and have the following features:

1. In the case where the reaction force does not increase, the deformation distance increases by 13%, the absorption energy is 17% higher, and the unit reaction energy absorption ratio (E/R·H) is increased by 15%;

2. In the compression fender series, the super drum type fender unit has a high energy absorption;

3. The front edge of the fender is provided with a steel frame, which greatly reduces the surface pressure acting on the ship's slab. The surface pressure can be up to 25 tons/m2 as required.

Not suitable for large ships to berth;

4. Due to the high energy absorption per unit of force, it is especially suitable for the needs of offshore terminals, especially piers;

5. In the compression rubber fender series, the super drum type fender has a small change in the compression performance;

6. Install the PE veneer in front of the anti-shock steel frame to reduce the friction coefficient and greatly reduce the berthing shear force.