W-Type Marine fender

W-Type Marine fender

Product Details

W-Type Marine fender

A Wharf rubber fender

Product Features Description:

First, the characteristics

1. The bottom width size is small, install a row of bolts, especially suitable for frame wharf and wharf upper shore protection use.

2. Moderate resistance, suction energy is higher than cylindrical rubber fender.

3. Easy to install, easy to replace. (But there are defects with poor installation robustness)

4. Unit anti-force suction energy in the compressed rubber fender *** low.

The W-Fender is a fender made for tugs under extreme operation, it has a unique hollow double "leg" structure, it is very simple to install, can be arbitrarily deformed double "legs" so that it can be very good surround with the hull.


1. can withstand extreme loads

2. Hollow structure makes it easy to install

3. Groove type Contact surface suitable for grip.


1. Ocean Tug

2. Icebreaker

3, large harbor tug

Jiangsu An Dun Rubber Co., Ltd. is located in the fish and rice-Jiangsu Gaoyou, the company was founded in 1998, is a production of rubber Fender series products mainly in the industry leading enterprises. Company set design, R & amp; d, production and sales in one, after years of dedicated operation, known as the "fender industry vane, industry standard development participants." Company to continue to innovate to win customers, in 2002 and Shanghai Jiaotong University jointly invested in the establishment of a well-known rubber industry Laboratory, in 2003 with a force to develop a submarine wharf dedicated fender.