Cone rubber fender

Cone rubber fender

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Cone rubber fender


The TD-AA tapered rubber fender is the third generation of drum-type rubber fenders. It adopts a new layout plan of the cone rubber body and the front steel frame, so that the fender is in a state where the reaction force is not increasing, and the plan is tightened from the deformation. 52.5% increased to 70%, becoming one of the poorer rubber fenders today. Whether it rises or not makes the ship's layout plan lighter and raises the cost of the ship's construction. It is a fantasy replacement for the super-drum rubber fender.

Cone-type rubber fenders have been in existence for a decade since their inception, and the adoption of tapered rubber fenders has become a new trend in today's shipbuilding program, representing a new level of ship's fenders.

1. Compared with the super-soft rubber fender of communication specifications, the energy of the call is doubled.

2. In the case of high finished product reaction and high energy, the small size TD-AA cone rubber fender is used to replace the larger TD-A super drum type rubber fender, and the TD-AA800H cone is used. The fenders replace the TD-A1000H fender to increase the cost of the bow.

Model specification plan tightening variant % reaction KN call energy KN M finished height ratio note

TD-A1000H super drum type 52.5 445 195 standard reaction type

TD-AA800H cone 70 450 189 standard reaction type

3. When the ship is leaning against the ship (10 to high), the function is not raised at all (more superior than TD-A).

4. The front edge of the fender is equipped with an anti-shock plate (steel frame), which greatly increases the pressure in the ship's seesaw. If necessary, the pressure is not controlled at 25t/m2, which is suitable for large ships to berth.

5. Place the ultra-high molecular polyethylene (PE) in the front of the anti-shock plate to reduce the friction coefficient of the ship's fender (0.2 to the height), so that the shear force generated by the fender during the berthing of the ship (degree of force) ) greatly increased, thereby increasing the life of the fender.

6. The anti-shock plate adopts the closed layout normally, with high strength and poor anti-corrosion function.

7. Because the fender does not indirectly take the ship to fight, it has the strength of the body without wear and long life.

Practical range:

Used in conjunction with rubber gangway (also known as gangway rubber fender)

1. It is used to request a ship with low reaction force and high energy.

2. The ship with low pressure in the request for berthing on the ship is particularly suitable.

3. Comply with large ship rafts such as oil tankers and container ships and open berths in the open sea.

4. All places that use super drum type fenders