D-type semi-circular rubber fender

D-type semi-circular rubber fender

Product Details

D type (semicircular) rubber fender


* Anti-force, moderate energy absorption

* Light weight, easy installation and maintenance

* Small bottom width for framed wharf

* SUItable reaction force and energy absorption.

* Low weight easy for installation and maintenance.

* Applicable for frame dock due to the smaller bottom width.

Specifications Performance Design Compression Deformation Rated deflection50% Remarks


Reaction force

Reaction force (KN)

Rnergy absorption(KN·M)

D200H×900L 186.6 7.6 Bottom reaction type high reaction type supply and demand negotiation

D300H×1000L 300 12.1

D300H×1500L 450 18.2

D300H×1500L 450 18.2

D300H×1500L 450 18.2

D400H×1000L 382.6 19.6

D500H×1000L 460 31.4

D500H×1500L 690 47.1

Features: Due to the small size of the fender at the bottom and only one row of mounting bolts, it is especially suitable for use in framed wharfs and upper revetments. Easy to install and easy to replace. Tons of rubber (consumption) have higher energy absorption, but the reaction force is higher.

Features: The modified D-type (semi-circular) rubber fender is a kind of deformation product developed on the basis of the D-type fender. The original D-type fender is anchored in the middle, which is easy to cause the fender to fall off during use. The modified D-type fender is embedded in the whole steel plate, double-row anchoring, and the anchor bolt is enlarged. The anchoring force is increased by about two points compared with the original D-type fender. The use indicates that the anchoring force meets the design requirements and is designed and used. The unit is welcome.

The modified D-type fender is designed for use in small wharfs. It is also used as the secondary protection of the wharf at the front of the upper part of the wharf (along with other fenders). It is generally arranged continuously. When the ship is not normally berthed, the ship is avoided directly. Hit the dock.