Anti-shock board

Anti-shock board

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Anti-shock board

The anti-shock plate is configured outside the heat exchanger to avoid the indirect flushing of the pipe by the fluid and cause the vibration instability of the pipe.

I When the value of the ρυ² value of the shell inlet pipe fluid (ρ--fluid density, kg/m³; υ--fluid velocity, m/s) is high, the anti-shock plate should be placed at the shell inlet pipe. .

1. Non-erosive, non-abrasive unidirectional fluid, ρυ² >2230kg/(m s²);

2. Other liquids, including liquids with a high boiling point, ρυ² >740kg/(m s²).

II Erosion or abrasive gases, steam and vapor-liquid mixtures shall be provided with anti-shock plates.

The spacing between the outer surface of the docking plate and the inner wall of the cylinder shall not be less than 1/4 of the outer diameter of the receiving.

The diameter or side length of the anti-shock plate should be greater than the receiving outer diameter of 50 mm.

The thickness of the anti-shock plate is 4.5 mm for carbon steel and 3 mm for stainless steel.

The solid situation of the anti-shock plate is:

1. The double-sided welding of the anti-shock plate is being placed on the distance pipe or the tie rod, and at the same time, the welding plate which is approaching the tube plate is welded at the same time;

2. The anti-shock plate is being welded on the cylinder;

3. Secure the anti-shock plate to the heat exchange tube with a U-bolt.

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