Tug Fender

Tug Fender

Product Details

Tug FenderOfBenefits:

1, with drifting function, the location of the device is not tidal difference influence

2. Out-of-application non-requirement review, inflatable, maintenance-free

3. No blasting damage, serenity

4. Have better energy reception function, lower combat force function

5. Finished product specifications are created according to demand, is in the rubber fender outside the specifications

6. The fender surface does not apply all kinds of colors, the product slippery wonderful, the logo clearly

7. Take chain suspension, simple installation, easy to move the chain tire net free choice, add the application life of the Fender Polyurethane (EVA) Fender application Life of 30-50 years.

Application Limitations:

1) port, boat fender;

2) combined for gravity-type port, especially the port application of tidal difference;

3) Especially for the fender of the boat, drifting fender more adaptable;

4) as a bridge pier fender, cover piers, boats from destruction;

5) as a necessary spare parts for port protective equipment, with the emergency effect of agile;

6) used in the Navy special ship boat berthing application, to ensure the quiet berthing;

7) When adopting the super-time drift fender, do not make the boat berthing water depth increase, reach the port promotion target;

8) Whether the drifting fender is used alone or to take the rest of the protective device to form a protective system to ensure the tranquility of the Bridge Pier War boat.